Saturday, 12 April 2014


Hi guys, I hope you have been enjoying my posts. Today I popped into town with my Mum and she treated me to a couple of items from Topshop so I thought I'd show you them in this quick post.

I went into Topshop with the intention of buying some black jeans. I've never had Topshop jeans but I've had enough of buying Primark black jeans and them fading to grey within a few weeks. I picked up the Black Leigh Jeans (HERE). They are super comfortable and I think they're definitely worth the price because I wear black jeans with pretty much every outfit.

My mum was looking around while I was trying on jeans and had spotted the Gingham Jacquard Tee (HERE). It's a pale/pastel blue and black check print and I love it. I didn't try it on till I got home but it fits perfectly. It's slightly cropped and is perfect for me to incorporate pastel into my wardrobe. I tried it with my new Leigh jeans and I love the way they look together. The top was quite expensive for what it is but I think it's so versatile and will be a great transitional piece from Spring to Summer.

I hope that you liked this mini spring haul, thanks for reading. Bye guys.


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