Wednesday, 29 October 2014


For some reason, before the news of Sam Pepper sexually harassing and abusing young women and females I was oblivious to this dark side of YouTube. YouTube is somewhere I go if I feel sad, happy or anything inbetween. I decided that even though this news came out a while a go I would address and talk about it from a viewers perspective. I think that a lot of well known YouTubers and bloggers have spoken about it but I haven't really seen many viewers talk about this and I just wanted to air my initial feelings and how I feel now.

Sam Pepper was one of the first YouTubers I watched. He used light hearted humour, seemed incredibly genuine and just seemed like he was a nice person. Last year it seemed that a lot of his YouTube friends distanced themselves from him and he also began uploading content whereby he appeared to be harassing random women on the streets in America. As a viewer and also a fan of him I didn't see this. My support for him went as far as buying one of his snapbacks as soon as he released them despite knowing I'm not a snapback kind of gal. That has since been discarded because I don't wish to be associated with anything to do with him.

In this new internet age it's so easy to get totally drawn in to random internet personalities. On one part it's fun and unbelievable that you can connect with anyone around the world at the click of a button. On the other hand it's scary. On YouTube you see small snippets of people's lives and this can lead you to believe that this person is a great person even though you don't know them.

When I heard the news about Sam Pepper I felt totally numb. I idolise so many people that I only know from the internet and it just proves that you literally have no idea what goes on when the cameras are off. After the news I didn't wish to watch any videos because it scared me. I'm scared that the trust I have put in these people from the internet is wasted and they'll all turn out the same.

I don't want this. I'm sure there'll be hundreds maybe even thousands of cases of this appearing and that's incredibly sad. People are abusing the power that they have over thousands, even millions of people that genuinely adore them. I won't let this get to me, I wish to use this as motivation to start my own channel. To restore faith within YouTube and the YouTube community. If you're a viewer then please be safe, if you're a content creator then please do not abuse your authority.

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