Thursday, 30 April 2015


Hi guys, today I thought I'd share an updated 'My Everyday Accessories' post with you. I posted my previous 'Everyday Accessories' (here) a little over a year ago and the majority of the items have changed so enjoy.

Firstly, most rings remain the same as last time, the gold being my late grandmothers, a silver Pandora heart ring (here) and one of my Mum's old silver rings. I have one new addition in the form of another Pandora ring (here). Again this was a present from my parents, it's a super simple twist design ring. I am hoping to keep building up my ring collection because I really enjoy the look.

I'm sure if you've read my blog before you'll have seen this watch (here) a few times. I got it as a Christmas gift and I love the simplicity of it. Similarly to the watch featured in in my previous Everyday Accessories post, it's gold and black which I think is really classic and timeless.

The necklace I picked up on sale in Topshop. It's gold plated and has a layered effect. I've been looking for a necklace like this for ages and i'm really glad I found this gem for £8. I like the fact that it's gold because I really like wearing mixed metals, it also means that it matches my watch face.

Last but not least, another pair of wayfarer style sunglasses. These are from Topshop, I think the style suits my face shape and although I've never had a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses I'm really glad that I picked these up. I personally think they're slightly more wearable than an all black pair.

So that's it. The jewellery and accessories I wear every single day. I hope you liked this post, also apologies for my absence, I haven't really felt like posting so I didn't want to force it.

See you soon!

Thursday, 16 April 2015


Hi guys, last Sunday me and my family decided to have a family adventure day. We took the dogs down to the river to have a little swim, took them home and then decided to go for a drive to Lyveden. I wasn't expecting much but it was honestly amazing. It was not far to drive and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you like the photos.

How incredible is this?!
We got a leaflet containing a map and lots of information and an audio guide (which we didn't really use)
Some information about the history of Lyveden from the leaflet. "The garden and lodge at Lyveden were created by Sir Thomas Tresham between 1595 and his death in 1605. Sir Thomas planned Lyveden as a pleasure garden, fashionable in Elizabethan times, and a place of secret worship."
There's a really cool second hand book shed. 50p for paper backs and £1 for hard back books.
A children's den which is full of things for children to play with and cute children's binoculars.
Next to the children's den is this huge 'nest' that you can add twigs to that you find while wandering the grounds.
There's one staircase that was added so that people can access this little balcony.
The view from the little balcony.
The view out of the windows on the balcony.
We also walked around the surrounding fields which was beautiful.
This little bridge leads to the tiny island in the picture above.

We also went into the cafe for a slice of cake, the chocolate cake was particularly lovely. I'd really recommend visiting this amazing building, walking around I could picture the placed furnished and finished and while it's a shame that it's not I think it;s still amazing.

 So there are about 10% of the photos that I took while adventuring. I hope you like this post. My family and I hope to get out to see places like this more now that the weather's improving significantly so expect to see more posts like this in the future. There'll hopefully be a couple of new outfit posts up soon so look out for them and also, I'll be in London this time next week and again a few days after that, one for leisure and one for a college trip to an exhibition so I'll no doubt share some of that over here too.

See you soon.

Thursday, 9 April 2015


This post will most likely be of no interest to anyone but I really wanted to put this somewhere, so if you do actually read it, thanks!
A nice foetus picture here for you. This was the second time I was in Ireland with the horses
It's me again. If you saw my last post you'll know my family and I headed to Northern Ireland to visit family for a few days. As a 10 year old, 8 years ago (in the exact place we visited last week) this is where my first real hobby started. The family we visit own a house with a couple of horses, fields and stables, so there I was as a 10 year old grooming the horses, helping take them out to the field, picking up their poop and just generally spending lots of time with them. It wasn't until I got home that I realised how much I enjoyed working with the horses. I literally cried everyday until my parents suggested we find a riding school for me to start having riding lessons. I started off with a couple of lessons and in no time at all I was earning a lesson a week helping at the yard from 8:30 in the morning till 5:00 at night Saturday and Sunday. It was tiring and hard work but I loved it so much, I met so many people my age that loved horses as much as I did.

After about 18 months at this yard I knew I had outgrown the place (and my favourite pony left), I hadn't really progressed in my riding skills however I think that being around so many different horses and ponies really helped me develop my ground work and learning how to be around horses so I'm so thankful that I started there. In hind site it was a bit of a sh*t hole but it loved it none the less.

Not long after I left that yard, I found another. It was amazing and as with the old yard, I was helping every weekend and spending a large majority of my school holidays there. My riding really progressed and I decided that ponies were my preferred choice over horses. I learnt to ride every type of pony which is why I think riding schools are so great. I stayed at this yard for 2 or 3 years and was one of the oldest volunteer helpers. Being one of the oldest also meant getting to ride some of the cheeky ponies if they'd been a bit naughty in other lessons which was one of my favourite things. At this point I didn't care if I fell off so long as I was around the horses. I was helping during lessons which helped keep me physically fit and obviously it just meant even more time learning about horses and being around them. This riding school in particular was great because I learnt the three paces, walk, trot and canter and also jumped up to about 3 foot. After making lots of great friends and having some of the best times I felt like it was time for me to move on. I wasn't particularly interested in jumping the biggest or going the fastest and felt that I wanted to learn more about natural horsemanship etc. This isn't something that I wouldn't be able to learn there.

I started searching for a smaller yard to ride, and I hit the jackpot. A place 15 minutes walk from my house. One horse, one pony and one instructor. I learnt natural horsemanship which enabled me to form a strong bond with the two horses, I made a few great friends there and we collectively loaned a third pony which meant my instructor, friend and I could all go out for hacks together. I single handedly taught children how to ride, I helped every weekend and went on some really awesome adventures around the fields in my town, I also went to my first show which was so enjoyable. Thinking back now I'm gutted that I stopped riding here but other commitments meant that I just didn't have the time. It's been about two years since I stopped riding. We were in Ireland 18 months ago and I was able to ride again there everyday for the whole week. We rode on the beach which was incredible and did a small amount of jumping too. That was the last time I'd ridden. Until last week! I'm going to write a follow on post from this to talk about my first time back in the saddle after 18 months!

Monday, 6 April 2015


Hi guys, today I wanted to share some holidays snaps. My Mum, sisters and I headed to Northern Ireland to visit some family and we had the best time. We fed a baby lamb called Cecil, looked after their horses, I finally rode again for the first time in 18 months! Ellie and Keeley (my sisters) had their first ever rides on a pony. Me and Keeley took a stroll on the beach after dinner, we did some shopping and overall we just had the greatest time. Everyone is so friendly, welcoming and generous and we just spent five days seeing lovely people and having a great time.

We'll be back soon I'm sure.
Our flight over to Ireland
Feeding Cecil the lamb
Walking on the beach with Keeley
The beach again

After a day of shopping
Feet (obviously)
The view from upstairs
The horses at the house
Flying home
Flying home


Saturday, 4 April 2015


Hi guys, it's been a little while since I posted, I've been in Northern Ireland and tomorrow we fly home. We popped out for a meal yesterday and I asked my little sister to take a couple of pictures for me. I got the jumper and the shoes in Topshop a couple of days ago and I'm in love with the jumper. I never thought I'd find a roll neck that I liked and low and behold, Topshop had exactly what I'd been looking for.

All pieces featured are from Topshop. 

I'll be getting my bob cut back in soon because I'm loving my faux bob at the moment.
See you soon.
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