Thursday, 6 August 2015


Hi guys, today I've got a home DIY post for you. A quote wall is something that I've always dreamed of having as a love quotes and I think it makes a great feature in an all white room. If you follow me on Tumblr (HERE) it's pretty clear.

I reorganised my room a while ago and felt that I needed to add something to a blank wall and this is the result. I hope you like it! Obviously before doing any kind of DIY make sure that you have permission.

Things you'll need are: Hammer, small nails, photo frames, string, mini pegs and lots of printed quotes. I am using a quote book and cutting the quotes out. And blue tack if you don't have enough frames, you could even use no frames and just blue tack if you're in halls at university or a rented place.

Firstly I cut all of the quotes out and then picked my favourites to go in the frames. As I feel that this project is ongoing I decided to just pick up a few plain and simple cheap frames and will eventually buy random patterned frames as and when I see them. I put my favourites in frames and then began decided where to put them.

I decided to also put a calendar on the wall, I really like the photos used in the calendar so measured the centre of the wall and put that up first. It was then just a case of trial and error placing things around it until I liked how it looked. I dotted the frames randomly and blu tacked the others.

I decided to create a 'washing line' effect with coloured string and mini pegs tying the pegs in place so they didn't move then nailing the string to the wall. I took a few of the smaller quotes and pegged these up. I made one for the top of the wall and one for the bottom.

This isn't the best photo but I'm sure I'll probably post it on Instagram soon so loo out for that. I really like how it looks and like I said, it's a work in progress so I'm planning on adding some patterned frames and also incorporating some of my original pieces of work on the wall too. Nothing like sticking your own work up on your wall, I'm my own cheerleader ok.

Thanks so much for reading and hopefully my blog absence is now over!

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