Friday, 13 November 2015


Picture this, I'm dragging my younger sister and her friend up and down Oxford Street going into every Zara to finally buy the coat that I've been eyeing up online for weeks. I'm losing faith as I enter the final store and we still haven't stubbled across it. We go downstairs and THERE IT IS, the coat that I want, but there's only one in grey *prays it's in my size*. It's in my size, I try it on and it looks horrendous on me. WHY WHY WHY. So, that's that. I needed to find myself a coat. Here's some coats that I love and also the coat that I purchased.

1. ASOS Cocoon Coat in Borg - Perhaps the most out-of-my-comfort-zone coat in this list but I saw it, fell in love and ordered it. Received the parcel, tried it on and returned it as fast. It's lovely quality and felt really cosy but for some reason the arms were so big, boxy and wide.

2. Topshop Slim Pocket Coat - This is the coat I decided to buy, cheaper than the previous, better quality and will fit seamlessly into my current wardrobe. I love the slightly oversized fit which makes it more casual than if it were fitted. I'm sure you'll be seeing this coat around the blog in the next few months so look out for that!

3. ASOS Parka - Since I've got the perfect grey coat now, I decided to have a little look around at some parkas. The hoods look so warm and cosy, perfect to throw on with a pair of wellies for a walk with the dogs.

4. All Saints Lorie Coat - Here's a if-money-were-no-object coat. A little smarter than the others which I love. If you were paying this much for a coat it's certain to last you years and the cut, style and length is timeless.

5. Zara Masculine Coat - The Zara coat that I mentioned at the start of this post. I still stand by my opinion that it's a lovely coat but it just didn't suit me and it's quite a lot smarter than the Topshop on that I did end up buying.

So there it is, my favourite coats for the Autumn/Winter. I hope you like them and that it maybe gives you some inspiration too. See you soon.

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