Saturday, 28 November 2015


Hi guys, it's been a while since I posted once again. But I'm back with (hopefully) more consistent content and lots of exciting new ideas and concepts. Today I just wanted to address a few changes to the blog and what you can expect to see soon. EDIT: I've just seen that I posted something similar to this last year, that's why it's called part 2. All of the positive changes are happening rn.

So firstly, I've brought a domain! I feel like my new simple domain looks so much nicer, it's easier to type and it looks more professional. Along with this I took advantage of a black friday discount that Pipdig had and purchased a pre made blog template. Although I really wanted to make one myself I just don't really have the time with college and work and it was taking way more brain capacity than it was worth. And I've said before how being unsatisfied with the layout of my blog makes me so much less motivated to post so I'm thinking that this will really help me out.

Along with a template change, I've decided that instead of a digital header, I'm going to create a watercolour header for myself. I think this'll be a really nice way to start brining more art and design to my blog which is an idea that I'm really hoping to push myself to do even more so in the new year.

The previous point links to the final thing that I want to talk about, my future in terms of my job and/or career when I leave college. I doesn't even bare thinking about, how little time I have left at college, this is something I don't think I'll be prepared for in terms of getting out of the routine of seeing loads of my closest friends all the time but I feel more prepared in another sense. I have an idea of what I hope to do when I finish. This will be a mixture between designing my own typographic/art prints and products to sell and hopefully a whole variation of freelance jobs. From photography to typography, videography to sewing, writing to art, I really do know how to do a lot of creative things (I mean this in the least big headed way). I recently sat down and realised that actually, with some of the skills that I possess I'll be more than fine at the end of this academic year. What's going to work best for me, is working FOR ME. Let's see how this goes.

Oh, one last thing. My friend and I filmed an Autumn/Winter 2015 lookbook, I've no idea when it'll be posted but hopefully it will be in the next couple of weeks.

I really hope you're going to enjoy everything that's coming, this blog is still a huge work in progress but I'm so glad to finally have a domain that I like, and a really simple but gorgeous blog design. Please just grin and bear the current header, I couldn't just leave it blank haha. I'll be back tomorrow with a little haul from Zara so I'll see you then.

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