Thursday, 25 February 2016


Hi guys, a couple of weeks ago I was browsing blogs (as usual) and came across a gorgeous post by Sarah Ashcroft/ thatpommiegirl. I absolutely adore her style and her love of trainers. I wear trainers almost everyday without fail, with my black and white Nike Free 5.0's being my most worn pair in the past several months. One of my Christmas gifts from my parents was a pair of black and white Old Skool Vans that I totally love, I really like the edge they add to an outfit and they're a lot less sporty than the Nikes. Another pair of shoes I wear all the time are my black and white Converse. Sense a theme here?

I ended up feeling in a little bit of a trainer rut (?!) so was on the quest to find another pair of perfect trainers that weren't totally monochrome. That's when I saw these on one of Sarah's posts. They're the platinum and white Nike Air Max Thea's. Before I continue, I owned a pair of Air Max when I was 13/14 and very much a tomboy. I never thought I'd find a pair of Air Max that I liked until I saw these. I contemplated buying them for only a couple of days before I decided to just buy them.


Friday, 19 February 2016


Hi guys, I spent a couple of hours today working on this video that I'm super happy with. I haven't uploaded on my channel for 6 months which does upset me a little because YouTube is one of my favourite things but yano. CANNOT wait until the Summer so that the days are longer (and it seriously feels like there are more hours in the day). I also can't wait for the day that I can consistently upload on my YouTube channels but for now, here's what I've got for you.

I study Graphic Design at college and at the moment we're focusing on Animation, and Stop Motion Animation in particular. SO, I thought I'd merge that idea with one of my favourite tags on YouTube and this is the outcome. A Stop Motion What's in my Bag. This video contains around 500 frames and I'm really pleased with the outcome, I hope you like it.


Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Hi guys, on Sunday my friend and I decided to go and explore my local town centre a little bit. Obviously it was Valentine's Day but her boyfriend was working and my boyfriend doesn't exist so we thought we'd just pop out for a few hours for some food and to check out a couple of new(ish) places in town. Now, I'm not sure why but for a while now I've really hated my local town centre. Maybe it's the people, the fact that I don't find the place at all inspiring and the majority of the shops are rubbish chain stored like the 99p shop and B&M. That's not really my style. Being someone that loves independent shops, arty shops and London I really was bored of this place.

However, a couple of new places have opened and I was excited to see if they could give Kettering a, much needed, new lease of life. So, firstly we headed to a little place called The Yards. The idea of this place is that local businesses can sell their products all in one place. It gives the place a huge sense of community and really is a breathe of fresh air for the area. There's a pub at the back, a cute trailer selling crafting goods, American candy for sale and so much more including clothes and people's art work too.

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