Saturday, 29 July 2017


Now, as outfits go, this is definitely out there for me. BRIGHT yellow CROPPED t-shirt and PATTERNED culottes. What?! It does look like I've upped the saturation on the photos because the yellow is almost fluorescent, but I can assure you the t-shirt really is that yellow. I think (hope) it'll look nice with some mom jeans too.

CULOTTES - Monki on ASOS: Ok, so, I've had these culottes for months. But I didn't know what to wear them with & I also disliked how they fitted me. Seeing as my job involves sewing I thought I'd have a go at tailoring them a little bit, and I shortened them, slimmed the waist and legs and added darts at the top so they sit nicely. And it worked, and I now love them. TOP - ASOS: This yellow cropped tee caught my eye when I was looking for something to wear with  the culottes. I couldn't think of anything but a plain T-shirt to tuck into them. Then on a whim I ordered this and I LOVE how it looks with the culottes. I think the mixture of monochrome with a bright pop of colour works really well.
SHOES - Vans: These Vans are so battered now but they're my absolute go to. I've worn them in and tbh worn them to death. They go with everything that I wear (hence why I have three pairs of old skools!)

BAG - Topshop: I got this bag for Christmas and it's such a great size to throw in my sunglasses, purse and phone. The hassle and gold studs make the bag different to any others that I own and add a slightly dressed up feel to any outfit that I wear it with.
JUMPER - H&M: Another sale purchase, I'm sure it was around £8 and I just couldn't resist picking it up. I can't even describe why I love it so much but the fit is just perfect for me, and tucked into the culottes (although not the most 'flattering') adds such a casual cosy vibe to the outfit.
There's outfit two from my three days in Brighton. I hope you like it! I've got a Brighton guide style post coming soon too, along with the third and final outfit I wore in Brighton so look out for that too! 

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