Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Sunday Summary 2

Here's a little summary of last week. Not much happened really but one VERY exciting thing happened.

1. There's a new puppy in the family! Not in my crazy house though so she's not mine (sadly), but I've visited her everyday since she came home and she's the cutest craziest little pup.

2. I've booked in to get my hair done. I started getting my hair balayaged last year but didn't keep up with getting it done. I guess I was hoping for instant results and for my hair to be exactly like the photos I'd seen. But my hair's pretty dark so that obviously wasn't the case. I'd left it to grow out A LOT. I'm excited to have new hair again.

3. Finally this week, I've got a week off. I'm so excited to spend the next week working solely on my little shop (shanicolesdesigns) to come up with some new product ideas and designs. I'm planning on spending the whole week in my little garden studio/shed listening to music and putting more items on my website. I should also tidy my bedroom while I've got all the time in the world!

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sunday Summary 1

I'm back with another Sunday Summary! I do hope to post these weekly but this post summarises the last fortnight in 9 photos. Obviously I've got no photos of work, which has taken up most of this week, but I hope you enjoy seeing what I've been up to the rest of the time!

1. A new product idea for Shani Coles Designs. I went to a wool shop and picked some of my favourite colours so that I can start making weaved wall hangings.

2. An outfit that I wore on a family walk, I LOVE the jacket that I got from H&M. And it kept me pretty warm too.

3. This moody looking photo of a church was taken on the walk above. We just about managed to get into the pub before the heavens opened. Also, quick note to self, when Mum calls it a countryside 'walk' she actually means 'a hike uphill, through mud and so on...'

4. Last Sunday's outfit for work. The jumper says 'funday', I thought it was just perfect to brighten up people's Sunday before the working week begins again.

5. Last week I also popped out for food with Tasha. 'The Lounge' is a small chain and in a few of the towns around me. The burgers are amazing too, along with the quirky decor.

6. I can't help but snap dozens of photos of my dogs, so expect to see one in the majority of these posts.

7. On Valentine's Day I treated my younger sisters to a Bill's breakfast. In case you were wondering, we all ordered the Bill's Breakfast (no mushrooms or eggs for me) and a stack of pancakes to share. LUSHHHH

8. And finally onto today. We went to look at a couple of houses in Norfolk, and just had a general nose around the area. The sun was shining all day too!

9. Another photo from today, we visited to different beaches in Norfolk and it's confirmed that the sea is my favourite place to be. So calm, quiet and the sea air is so clear and refreshing. Hopefully I'll be able to the visit the seaside so much more this year.

Monday, 12 February 2018

January | Sunday Summary

Welcome to my new blog series. Albeit a little late for the first post, but that's me in a nutshell...
A popular post a few years ago was 'Sunday Summary'/ Lily Melrose's 'Sunday Portrait'. A post to sum up the week just gone. So, I thought I'd bring it back in 2018 in an attempt to record more/do more. I hope you enjoy it! I'm excited to sit down on a Sunday evening to write these posts so I hope you'll like them too.
Today, obviously isn't Sunday, and it's also not January however I just wanted to do a quick little recap of a few things that happened in January.

1. I found out at the start of the month that I was voted employee of the month for December! I am really enjoying my job and try to put my all into every shift, so to receive some acknowledgement for it (and a voucher to buy more clothes) was amazing.

2. In January I decided that I wanted a little change around in my room. I've started it by getting rid of my mirrored wardrobes, adding drawers to store most of my clothes & I also purchased a HUGE mirror from IKEA that I've already taken a fair few selfies in front of. I'm hoping to get it totally finished and furnished by mid March, so look out for a little room tour soon.

3. Due to working in retail, it can be hard to meet up with work friends out of work as we all work different hours. But I drove to a fairly new shopping complex in my county with two work friends and did some shopping and had a lush dinner too. I want to try and do this more often.

4. Just after the new year I met up with Lori, one of my bestest friends. I haven't had a proper catch up with her since she went off to Uni so we had so much to talk about. We went to Bill's for a breakfast/brunch and ordered way too much yummy food.

5. In the same trip Lori and I played around with my new phone and got some outfit photos. Although I didn't like how my face looked in most of them so they weren't actually posted over her. One or two did appear on my instagram though!

6. I had a big wardrobe clearout this month too. I've had enough of keeping clothes 'just in case'. They take up valuable storage space and end up unworn anyway. So I managed to get three bags full for recycling. More about that in a post soon.

7. I met my Auntie and Uncle's new dog and OMG she is so small and precious, I WANT ONE.

8. Finally, I'm getting back into the swing of my little online shop. I ordered my most popular print in a higher quality than I can print, and am so pleased with how it turned out. I can't wait to design more and get them printed to sell too.

Monday, 5 February 2018


I'm working on stepping out of my comfort zone with my fashion choices this year. I love throwing on jeans, but everyday is getting a bit repetitive. So, I was on the lookout for another pair of bottoms/trousers that can be dressed up or down -like jeans-, but are a little more dressy.

I've been keeping an eye out for some black culottes for at least a year but never found *quite* the right fit. Until these beauties entered my life. Paper bag waist, perfect length and comfortable fabric. For this particular outfit I kept it simple with a T-shirt, my favourite biker jacket and popped on my newest Vans (another staple in my wardrobe)

I've had a wardrobe sort out and have been picking up a few new bits for my Spring wardrobe so look out for more outfits soon. I'm hoping to style up more outfits without a pair of Topshop Jamie jeans in sight. Although I have got my eye on a funky black pair, maybe I can make room for them in my wardrobe soon.



T-shirt - Newlook 
Culottes - H&M
Jacket - Newlook
Shoes - Vans
Bag - H&M
Necklace - Missoma

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